Drawing textures?


I just wanted to ask wether someone can help me and explaine how to draw color, bump and spec textures on unwrapped object UV map in Blender. I am not asking for procedurals but just for drawing with brushes on UV map of the object or directly 3D drawing. I am concerned on textures drawing directly in Blender or using GIMP. Explaining of paralel using of vertex paint would be great.

Something like Andy was excelently explaining during Blender Festival 2006 but in deeprer details.

Maybe Any might write some tutorial :-)))))

All links are welcomed.

Thank you very much in advance.


If someone can also explain how to solve seams wjen drawing textures (some FIMP pluggin or brusing technique in Bleder) it would be marvelous :slight_smile:

Google for Leigh van der Byl and her “Texturing for Dummies” document. She did textures for Snakes on a Plane, King Kong, and I think some LOTR.