Drawing weights: deselect zones

This is probably obvious but… :expressionless: How do I draw negative weights in weight mode? I mean, suppose you create an armature and parent a mesh to it letting blender do the weights. Then, if you want to tweak them, you’ll want to change some red areas into blue ones… I’ve tried several combinations of color, mix, add, etc but apparently nothing subtries any weight. :frowning:
My current fix was to do it the old way, by selecting the vertex group in edit mode, choosing the points and removing them from the vertex group.
Thanks in advance.

you don’t use colors, you alter the weight using the weight slider associated with the vertex group. a value of 1 is red, a value of 0 is blue

Thanks a lot. I’ve seen that slider but I thought it would affect the group as a global… Should have tried it though. Back to rigging :slight_smile: