Drawing with the BGL

I’m trying to directly draw using the BGL, and although the API details how to do it outside the GE, I can’t seem to get it to draw to the GE. Nor find any documentation/topics detailing how.

Any help for a BGL/OpenGL n00b?

Yes, I am looking for help with this issue too…I can’t get OpenGL to draw in the game engine…

Currently you can’t draw to the screen in the BGE with Python. This video explains the problem and a solution:


Moguri, did you got this working…

…I meant, the script in that video,
cuz I got a bit confused & couldn’t figure out the missing parts of code.

In that video the Blender API was modified to allow it. I believe the hope is that this method is incorporated into 2.5 release.

Ho, thanks for the precision :slight_smile: