Drawings & Paintings and one sculpture

I was trained in Fine Art, but am trying hard to learn Blender. My artistic skills still aren’t translating well in Blender, but I am very persistent! :slight_smile:

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Hi, your traditional finesse really shine through in these pieces, quite a high level showcase of mixed media on desplay, my compliments indeed and yeah, similarly when transitioning across too digital as a Portraitist (pastel) was initially a challenge but like any tool will take time to eventually master.


Thank you sakboi. Much appreciated.

I would like to see your pastel work as that was one of my favorite mediums.

Yeah Personally I think the transition from Traditional to Digital to be easier then if one was only doing digital and started trying to do traditional. You can treat The Digital very much like traditional if you wish. For sculpting or model making the main thing to remember from traditional is the anatomy and proportions. Otherwise its just getting familiar with the tool of Blender.

Really great work. Especially that boy and his dog is what is considered “hyper-realistic” and it needs lots of mastery to be achieved.

If you want to start using 3D now my suggestions are these:

  • Diffuse colors are flat as animated cartoons, but tones are as if by looking at a grayscale image. So it means that you will now have to learn to combine these two colors together (instead of making them in one pass) with a blending mode (most common is “multiply” or “soft light” but there are many others according to the desired look).

  • If you create a 3d model you will get the tones that way for free as the computer calculates all shadows. However all your textures should be painted flat for that reason, then perhaps paint slight shadows where needed but overall the entire effect is controlled by the computer.

  • Even if you don’t want to model at all or sculpt in Blender, you would definitely use the program for previz. Such as placing some shapes and measuring perspectives and distances to see how things will look. Also test light casting or color effects.

  • If you want to create something in 3D you can just use really basic models (as if they were real papermodels) but then paint really good textures on top of them. By 80% you can really achieve great results as long as the textures look good. However even the best model without proper textures might look boring. There are many artists on Sketchfab that follow that line and they just like to paint on top of 3D surfaces creating these called 3D paintings.

  • Also you can keep continue using traditional medium for patterns or textures. There are certain things that Photoshop or Blender cant do. Especially when it comes to patterns is really impossible to achieve good results without eventually start photobashing the picture. Every professional digital artist I watched on youtube has entire disks of gigabytes filled with brushes and textures trying to make their paintings more “realistic” or interesting. However those who are experienced in traditional medium can get all those effects for free, they just do some magic on the canvas and then get all of these effects right into the computer.

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Thank you const. Really useful advice. :slight_smile:

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Fantastic drawings!