Drawstring Effect

I’m going to try to make a cloth bag, with short wooden handles on either side…like an offering bag at church.

How would you go about making the “drawstring effect” of the cloth at the top? Thanks for any suggestions!

Please include references to what you are trying to achieve, a lot more likely that people will aid you then :slight_smile:

Do you mind wrinkles and folds?
You can use a cloth sim, with pinned vertices and shape keys.

Thanks, Morgan, for the reply…here’s an image of what I’m trying to create:

Appreciate the idea, Secrop! Would you suggest starting with a sphere, or what? I see a couple of tutorials on pinning, and I think I can figure that out.

why with a sphere? it may be better to model the bag as it is, with the sewings, and some weighted vertices for bending/stiffness/etc…

a (very) quick and dirty setup:

the blend

PERFECT, Secrop! I will learn tremendously from your Blend file. Thanks again!