DreadHead - Leveling up?

Hey. This is a character I’ve been working on finishing and I’m really trying to take it to the next level with detail and lighting and such, but I dont know what to do with the background. Should it be an actual scene? Or should it be a gradient? Gradient with texture? I have no idea. A lot of artists I follow dont do very detailed scenes and I just love their characters. I really want it to be about the character. And is the pose dynamic enough?


Very nice character!

lovely face! really sexy! I don’t know about the arms, they fold oddly.

Really cute character, you should try out the corrective smooth modifier or creating corrective shape keys to stop your elbows from collapsing when you bend the arms. You would probably need a corrective shape key for the shoulders so that when the pose the arms down it’s not to rounded off. I also think the jeans need geometry the bits that hold the buckle would look better if the were modeled in.

Otherwise this is a really fine character.

Thanks everyone. Here’s another update render. I’ve added some corrective shapekeys. I had to fix some of the underarm geometry because it was deforming horribly. I might have to fix some more, we’ll see. I’m probably going to make her shoes maroon so they’re more visable.