Dream car of mine! [update 5-20-2005]


This is perhaps ridiculous to post in this stage, but it’s my favourite car and I will show you the progress! It will be made eventually! Problems with blueprints is that they are never exact, maybe drawing the lines before making a mesh helps a bit…

Anyone know already what car it is?

mercedes benz ???

Mercedes CLS? good start by the way, looks like a good base to work from

…yes, looks like a CLS. I agree, it’s a good start.


Yes that is right, a Mercedes CLS350 is what I’m aming for. My work so far… godnight!

i use to have a CLS…i liked it…


Enough for today… there’s too few free hours on one day.

Progressing very nicely. No crits at all so far.


This WIP have slipped down, down, down!! I better bring it up, up, up! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Modeling it is probably the closest I get to it!

Beautiful mesh Thunf. Coming along very nicely.

No crits at all.



Just a test render to inspire myself… still allot of work todo. One thing is bugging me, 18 inch rims - it can’t be the whole truth of the diameter. It’s no 18 inch on this car!.. %|I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…

good work i havent seen any modeling tuts on this style (As in do the wire model fisrt) maybe once youve practiced more you should do a tut

i was about to ask for a tut too, as for the rims, they look fine, tyres will add another 3 inches at least, remember there has to be a gap all the way around, the tyres never go inside the wheel arch on modern production cars, even when the suspension is fully compressed (or should that be kompressed? :)), speaking of wheel arches, they need some work, too rough.

other than that looking very nice

Really well done on the modelling. How did you do the 3d lines? Just 3d curves?

just did a bit of research (i’m bored ok) and the CLS350 comes with 17" wheels as standard, the 500 and AMG55 come with 18’s but you can have 19’s as an option on all models

I can’t promise a tutorial yet, but when this car is done I might well make one.
Let’s see what happens when the tires are ready, I’ll show some progress later on… now there’s too much work elsewhere at home… The best thing about making bezier spline paths as referense is that it’s very east to make an edgeloop after and adjust the vertices to the curve. Very smooth.

I see! I’ll edit what I wrote, a CLS500 does have the rims I’m ‘copying’ for this car.

Yes correct! Just beziercurves and sometimes also NURBS curves and Circles for looping areas… Even the rims where done like that. First concentrate on one area, then extrude to the opposite curve, adjust the vertices to the curve, and simply loop subdivide - move the vertice at the beginning of the loop to the curve, put the cursor there, scale the loop from cursor until the vertice at the end of the loop match the other curve. Then all vertices follows that. Don’t touch individual vertices, a tip.

Thanks for comments!

Ah, nothing makes of what I said there! I’ll explain later! %|

I have a question about rims. It seems as the 18" is where the rim is holding the tyre. The rim is actually bigger, is there a standard of how big the rims are - the visible part? On a car with 15" rims, I measured the visible part to 16.42"!! I must ask if all 15" or 18" are the same visible size? I tried to find out about this but haven’t found much about it.


Just some updates… the tyres took a while to make. I just looked at the blueprint to get the diameter, big deal… it’s not a cad drawing. HDRI setup is something I must improve on, how to make the ground fit to a HDRI etc. Nice I have more time for Blender this week! :Z Anyone knows any good tutorials on Yafray with HDRI, making things fit?