Dream House Interior

Hi everyone !

This is my entry for the Blender Cookie contest. I was inspired by organic architecture and modern design interior.

Every is CG, except for the sky. Rendered in Cycles.

And some additional views :

Thanks for viewing my work ! :slight_smile:

Great work! I love the mood and the whole style in the picture.
My only point of criticism is that you show too much of the back of the couch to the viewer. The couch looks fantastic, but it is very “present” in the whole composition.

Thanks for your kind message ! I agree with you about the couch, it is a bit too much in the composition… Thanks anyway !

the first pic is absolutely awesome! second and third got to much DOF… looks like a miniature chair for a 1 inch tall guy :wink:

Agree, first one is great. The last does make the chair super small looking