Dream House:Living Room WIP

This is my first major project in blender.I would like feedback on design,textures, lighting, and anything else.I would also appreciate some pointers to help with my rendering.

Also if anybody can tell me how to fix the reflection of my lights in the mirror and window that would be great. I increased the size of them to reduce graininess.

(the first render is a render preview and the second is a full render)


i usually clamp the direct to 4.00 or 3.00 and the indirect to about 1.5 or 2.5. this helps with graininess. also, you have your minimum bounces set lower than your maximum, this is faster but will produce more noise as it uses probalistic path determination… You should also turn off filter glossy to improve the accuracy of the reflections in the scene :slight_smile:

Clamping stops the amount of fireflies appearing in the scene, allowing for quicker render times as less samples are needed to render out a clean image, but be aware that it can effect the quality of highlights in the scene if you clamp too much.

I’ve attached an image with some settings i think will work well for your scene :smiley:

edit: if you have volume shaders in your scene, you can set the bounce count higher to like 1, 2 or 4. but even if it’s left at 0 it will still render out volumes okay :slight_smile: but do bare in mind that higher volume bounce counts can drastically increase render times if you have a large amount of volume shaders present in the scene.