Dream house

this is my first external model, comments please!!!

Modelled with Blender and render with Cycles 2000 samples


This is a photo? Great job!!!

Something looks a little off to me proportion wise. Grass blades look quite big in comparison to the piece of furniture outside? Also, the stone texture on the two strips coming down could do some work. Rest of it is pretty good though, I like the overall design of the house :slight_smile:

Thanks, this is my first arch render so there are many things that must be modified…thanks for all your comments!

is not a photo and is not so pefect…Thanks friend!

Great render!
Nice details like the birds and steam over the pool.
However, the background is very obviously just a plane with an image of some trees, but otherwise great image! :slight_smile:

Thanks, this is my first arch. Render so it s normal for me the use of a trees plane as background. Any suggestion?

For your first arch render i think this is great.
I have not yet rendered buildings myself, so I do not know much about it or how the backgrounds are usually made. However, I think you could get around it by placing ‘layers’ of multiple planes, with trees on them, behind each other. :slight_smile:

  • But hey, don’t get me wrong… Your render is great and I really like it. I just noticed the tree-planes and wanted to help you improve the image a bit :slight_smile:

thanks for your comments! :slight_smile:

I really like the atmosphere, great render and model.
To be your first Arch. render, I think it’s is a very good result!!!

nice first attempt! realy like it, i like the design of the building, the detail in the lower parts of the image like the grass and furniture on it as well as the pool. Areas of improvement I think is the stone texture on the two columns as mentioned before and I also think that the plant hangig over the rails above the garage blends in to much with the background, it almost looks like its part of a background tree that was missplaced in fron of the house instead of in the back. Again, congratulations on such a nice render.

Oh another thing, i think you could work a bit more on the lighting =)

Thanks any comments, it s important for me!

I want this House, awesome render :slight_smile:

Thanks friend!