Dream Loft

Gave another shot for Cycles and interior rendering. Here is the result!
Feedback much appreciated :smile:

Sofa and chair model thanks to model providers. Haters gonna hate :sweat_smile:

Link to the Artstation profile: https://www.artstation.com/krystianniemiec



Excellent lighting and mood. The cross-section and surface texture of the I-Beams could use a little tweaking, imo. That rug is the bomb, though! :slight_smile:

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Really great renders, beautiful materials and lighting. Also, I quite like the brush portrait :slight_smile:

If I may just add a few critiques that may make the images even better:

  • the house appears to be in the middle of a farm field. Not sure if that’s the intention, but adding a few trees visible from the window might help.
  • the golden pillows appear a bit too plastic instead of velvety.
  • curious why the art piece in the first image is not hanging on the wall. Compositionally it may be worth a try to hang it up at the same level as the other art piece.

i want to know how long for rendering?

Thank you! Your suggestions are convincing. I’ve been thinking about that artwork and decided to leave it on the foor to make some space to rest for eyes and not stealing attention from main subject. Thought it would be to much but maybe you’re right still cant decide… thank you again for quality feedback😊

It took 3-5h depending on shot (i7 6700k if you interested).