Dream of Dave (rpg?)

Not entirely sure where this project is going yet and I’ve only worked on it for about 3 weeks but I figured I’d start and thread and share while I work.

You play as The Player who controls Dave, an ugly little man who finds himself lost in what seems to be a dream. The world has been plagued by an apocalyptic event brought about by The Thorn God, a terrifying cosmic creature who exudes the truth of all negative emotion in the universe. The land has been twisted and marred by The Thorn God’s madness and it is up to Dave, along with The Player and The Narrator, to reflect upon the events that led to this in order to discover a way to bring down the angry god and uncover the origin of the three ill-fated companions.

Dream of Dave is a project I’ve been mulling over for some time now for a Paper Mario style rpg with more of a 3D puzzle element. I’ve been discussing the possibility of bringing in some more game-play styles like point and click and limited turn based combat.

Most of the game is narrative with puzzles and exploration of an open world with frequent commentary from the all to salty Narrator. The mission system will be entirely open and up to the player to decide what to do next. The story is steeped in trippy existential exposition and philosophy while also keeping to a specific sense of dark humor.

The entire game is being made with hand-drawn textures. I won’t be using a single 3rd party texture or material.

The story goes deeper than what I’ve posted here but I don’t want to spoil anything.

I’ve included some of my character designs as well as a teaser video and a very rough game-play example. I’ll be posting more as I finish it.


Some more art for the game


Man, this is…AMAZING like Cuphead :open_mouth:

Thanks. Unfortunately this got a little outside my abilities. I had to put it on hold till I cam get some programming help.