Dream of Flying

Hello. Dream of flying. My last project in Blender with some postpro in Photoshop. Hope you’ll like it.

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Exceptional! Do you have a higher resolution version? I’d like to see a little more of the detail.

That is awesome. Love how you’ve even curved the background. Thumbs up :slight_smile:


+1. :slight_smile: Great comp, better concept.

Holy flippin spectacular! Awe inspiring work man congrats!

Looks like Xelptic works…great composition… 5*

Great comp, better concept.


So strong and inspiring!

It’s very very good work ! Lighting is beautiful, nice composition… not enough words to appreciate !! We can see a wire, plz ?

A triumph! Bravo! The emotion portrayed in your scene is very moving.

the sky colors reminds me of davinci

nice work, 5 from me.

really amazing!
looks like a painting that belongs in a gallery :open_mouth:

Thanks everyone for the comments.

I attach some pictures with details.

…and wire

This is a great compliment for me :slight_smile:

wow… now thats art… no crits… this is epic

awesome! so much details in the image. a real masterpiece!

art attack awesome work 5 stars from me

Looks very awesome! Composition is near perfect.

this is really good! so much detail…(speechless)