Dream of reason

Here is my last short, the first of a series of minimum three animations, all interrelated but independent at the same time:


I hope you like it.
Greeting, Gustavo Muñoz

ahh dulces suenos…

incredible animation, and very well done gustavo! the face of the character is well done, and the cat. the owls look fantastic.

just a great interpretation!
can’t wait to see the other two!! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much :wink:

For the next part I will wait for next version, to get the expected new animation capabilities.

Gustavo Muñoz

Bien hecho!

I like how he wakes up, and the singer says he’s sleeping now…[edit]er, I wasn’t really listening. “El agua duerme una hora…” hmmm[/edit] heh!
I also like how his dreams invade reality toward the end. The mood is so very depressing…

Ah, the dangers of casting yourself solely upon reason!

Espero más!

Thank you very much, really :wink:

The song lyrics are from a poem of Federico García Lorca, very magic and sugestive too.

I builded the scenes timed with the song so everything in the animation shares the same mood. My goal here was to get a unified 3D feeling, and I sacrified detail and realism trying to find the point where 3D can produce a credible effect without trying to imitate other media (photograh, painting, sculpting…).

I am really happy with the result, and more when I see people has no problems reading it as it is. I am so tired about hyper-realistic 3D… :wink:

Gustavo Muñoz