Dream Pi

Hi All,

It has been over a year since I last posted here so I thought I might add something today. Here is an image I did in a couple of days. It is a real change for me considering most of the images I do takes months. In any event I hope you all like it. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


heh, 22/7 :wink:

Nice render, I think the colors are fairly “dreamy.”


Hi Carbon, Thanks for the input. But, I think it must really suck since so many people looked at it and gave no feedback. Anyways, I’ll keep trying. Have a good day.:slight_smile:

I think it would really suck if they will leave negative feedbacks:D Like the way you made Pi. Did you use curves or have modeled it from the mesh? You could use normal mapping on bricks material and use/increase IOR on glass. It looks like simple ZTransparency. Tray with Ray Transparency.

Hi Javier, Even Negative Feedback is Greatly appreciated. Because it tells me what I need to improve on.
I did create the Pi from a mesh and did use normals on the bricks. I think it might have mashed it flat when I blurred the pic. I did use Ztrans on the glass to save on rendering time. So, I guess the lesson to me is that I should NOT be in a hurry. Thanks for your input

For normals to be in a good visibility you need some extra lights. Something weak around 0.2 to light up the mesh. This will make them more exposed. I’m looking at the material on the gates and normal mapping is visible. You might either tweak it and/or add some lamps. But again camera is quite far away and blur effect. Those factors are affect normal mapping. What was the poly count on this Pi mesh?

I am not sure about the poly count but it has about 30,000 verts.

Oh my God! 30k in verts. That is a lot of verts. I know it’s yours modeling technique, but using curves will save you atleast 29.500 verts. Can you post a wire of it?

Don’t worry. I think I still have the same problem with overcomplicating things. Try to keep meshes as simple as possible. Avoid triangles. Blender hates triangles.

High poly is usually needed to give curvy objects a non-polygonal look, this is rendering after all, not a game.

Your two main textures repeat quite a bit, perhaps bring out some procedurals to assist in breaking up the pattern.

The blur makes me think I need glasses. :frowning: