Dream Place

this was in the wip some time ago,i have worked some more on this and decidet to consider this piece done.It gives me a strange effect looking this pic :slight_smile:
C&C as allways


http://shutterboard.com/upload/free/roomfin.jpg :slight_smile:

I like the use of artistic elements of motion, such as repetition and the focal point. The color is also interesting.

However…I think that the pose of the mannequin is just too “default anatomy position” if you konw what i mean. And i think the piece would benefit from something being present in the middle-left area. Even another one of those floor lamps would add interest and balance.

Also, You should re-render this, but this time with 16 OSA, as i can see alot of jaggies (or perhaps that is just the material being stretched beyond the resolution of the image.

In anycase, good job so far, keep making these surrealistic pieces!

Live well, blend well

looks nice–has an abstract feel to it

yep it is abstract :smiley:

Trippy. Reminds me of early 90’s horror movies in a way. Like when they are dreaming, but its real. There but not there, and such…