Dream: Short Blender Animation

Created this when I was really a beginner in Blender ( 1-2 months in). Knew nothing about texturing, nothing about compositing. Wasn’t great at modelling either.

Took me a while to make it at the time, I’ve improved tremendously since then.

The aim was to replicate some sort of dream like the one you see the Astronaut’s wife in Apollo 13, have.

Enjoy, I guess.

If this is the same forum I once posted this on I apologize, it looks different now than the one last year if that is the case.

This is nice for a first work. The sound is from the movie? Or you did it your self?

I complied different sounds from Universal Sound bank in order to attempt and replicate it.

Well, there is obviously room for improvement as You said Yourself. But it is a finished projekt, more than I have under my belt ;). So, thumbs up.