Dream (Short Film)

Hey! Heres my animated short finally finished! This was originally an assignment for my class but after I had turned it in, I noticed it needed much more work. It took about 4 or 3 months to make this. Animation and appeal was the main focus. I am very pleased with this project. It was a learning path and my animation skills grew throughout the whole project!

Unfortunately, stupid iMovie messed up my sound :mad: that makes me frustrated, so turn down the volume a little if its too noisy. I will really appreciate feedback and critique :yes: Thx for watching!
Click image for better quality


It depends at what level you wish to be judged, sure it wasnt pixar, but i thought it was quite good comming from a student. There was a bit foot slippage at the start, but overall quite good. You can get better which means things are promising.

Ik the slipping at the beginning was the worst part. The root bone and NLA editor was messing me up. But yes I feel that my animation improved and I’m getting better. I think its noticeable in the animation itself actually, but thx for the feedback :slight_smile:

It’s been removed?

The video is deleted, are you editing it or something happened?

What? i didn’t even look at the delete button :confused: ill upload it again

Oh no go to the animations forum. It works there

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1Hay_2ioVY (test to see if it still works)

Link is still down.