Dream (Short Film)

Hey! This is a short film that I’ve been working on for a while and its finally finished! The film was originally for school, but it needed much more work after i turned it in. The main focus was animation and appeal, and most of the effort was put into the animation. So I figured it be best to post it in Animations Forum too. The sound sucks I know. iMovie messed it up. Anyways, thanks for watching! Critiques and feedback are all welcome.

Wow looks amazing to me i see nothing that bad with the sound infact id like to know where u got them otherwise very nice work well done :slight_smile:

Excellent job. Two very big thumbs up.

Nice work ! The original idea is cool, and the work describes the weird feel that what dreams are when we try to remember them.
Too bad the sound got messed up, saturation kills the experience …

The only tip I can give you is to keyframe the seed. It generates a new noise pattern and can make the lack of enough samples look like film grain.

Thank you bluexray!
Edit: and most of the sounds were from freesound.org but some of them were edited by me

I’m very glad you liked it :slight_smile:

I did learn about that technique on Youtube. Unfortunately, I learned about that after I had finished rendering haha and I didn’t have time to re-render because my computer is not that fast. This technique would’ve really helped in the hallway scene. Thx for the tip :slight_smile:

Wow great short film.

Thx for positive and constructive feedback! i really appreciate it :slight_smile:

(`・ω・´)Nice crack of road and glass.
Beautiful casting shadow!

Then u done a great job on your edit too great stuff :slight_smile:

thx guys! I’m really glad you liked it.

Thx kitten! the “road avalanche” was the hardest to accomplish. Im glad you liked it :slight_smile:

I like your use of sound and it’s timing. Powerful.

The short film 's very interested
đồng hồ dây da nam cao cấp chính hãng

Wow…Nice concept i hope that our Dream will reach true

Thx Iatch. This is one of the first times I’ve used and edited sound effects in an animation. So I’m glad to here that.

Hey… this was fun to watch, a few of the sound effects levels were too high, but what I really like is how you built up some excitement and you really found some creative ways to tell the story. Well done.

Thx harleynut! I knew in the end that the story was what counted the most so I’m very glad you liked it. the sound level was too high i admit and unfortunately I couldn’t do anything about because Youtube messed it up :(. But HEY you were the guy that did the short “Final Inspection”! Good work on that man! very funny stuff :yes:

Wow…It is amazing…Thanks