Dreamation seeking members!

(hiachi) #1

Dreamation Game Team is currently starting an extensive gaming project. We need members, specifically:

Python Scripters
3D Artists
Landscape Designers
Sound Specialists

But we are not discouraging the joining of members who are good in story/script writing, etc…

IM us at:
Hiachi (President):
[email protected]

SpyderDragon (Vice-President):
AIM=XInfernos WrathX
[email protected]

(SD) #2

Nice work Hiachi, I hope people will join. I look forward to talking to anyone interested

(sara) #3

do you have a website or more information?

(SeaCigar) #4

Indeed. no offence, but I need to make sure this is a legit project that won’t fall apart later.

Proof of past experience professional, or even semi-professional (as in unpublished blender wiz) would be preferable.

I sincerely hope that you can see the fears on my level.

I have voiced my interest as a landscape designer, and/or a 3D designer, and have sent an email to your… President.

Thank you for your consideration.

(SD) #5

Hopefully Hiachi will get back to you on that, I personally, Do not use blender. (Allthough I am learning) The reason is my Current 3D card is pathetic. I handel all Art and Story.

(SeaCigar) #6

Duely noted.

Okay, let me know what needs to be done, and I’ll see what I can do. :wink:

(gargola) #7

hey SD yours can’t be more pathetic than mine! :smiley:

(hiachi) #8

Well our past game attempts have failed, but not from unprofesionalism in the “skill department” but in the members becoming less and less active with the team, only two of the original team members that haven’t already joined it again for this round have contacted me, and that is ineedanewbike and theeth. So any original Dreamation members out there, atleast reply to tell us how you are… :o

(theeth) #9

Hiachi: like I told SD, I’m really sorry, but I lack free time a lot, and I won’t have time for Dreamation.

Better luck to you and your (future) team :slight_smile:


(ineedanewbi) #10

hey hiachi, we dont need that many ppl to make a game. me u and SD can make this. ppl may want to join later when they’ve seen that we’ve actually made something.

last time i just joined, saw a lack of organization and i just never did anything, this time ill try a little harder.

i told SD to finish his story line and create concept drawings of all the characters (assuming he is a good artist) and any special locations. hopefully before the end of this week.

he can give the drawings to me or u and we could make them into 3d models.

so do u have a specialty??

i can make characters/animations/levels, whatever… ive used blender for 2 years, i think im pretty good. we need to start splitting up the tasks

and in the end (after modeling) someone has to put it together with bricklgics which i can also do.

half my summer is over and if we hurry we can make a great game before i have to go back to school, 4 weeks.

(hiachi) #11

As for me, anything not a human body or head, I’m pretty good at, like mechanical stuff and animals and others, but no people–ive had many attempts and all look bad…well most of them, but they NEVER have good heads :-?

(gargola) #12

hiachi: just like me :frowning: but i’m improving a little.i borrowed the head in my boxing game…he he! :smiley:

(SeaCigar) #13

:wink: Okay, it seems that you guys aren’t as flakey as I first thought.

I would be willing to work in landscape modeling/level design, if possible, but also work in 3D modeling of various sorts.

If you still want me to work with you, especially after I insulted you (unintentionally, of course) , thats great.

I hope that you’ll understand that I have to play it safe a little; I am making a game on my own, but it isn’t sell-worthy, and is going to be used as the main part of my senior project.
Maybe a team effort will provide more fruitful…

once again, I need to know if I’m in, and what you would have me do.

thanks for hearing me out :wink:

And it’s possible that I sound like a flake too, so if you need credentials, ask, and I’ll honestly tell you if I’m capable of helping you.

(mainman) #14

Hey Hiachi,
I already contacted you about joining, and it seems that you guys are pretty serious, well, serious enough I guess…
here are some previews of a character for a breakdancing game I’m currently developing, this character shows my abilities in 3D modelling…
I’m working with Armatures for my game right now, and I have to say I’m pretty good at that 8) , If you want the .blend file to see for yourself, just contact me…
here are the pics:

(hiachi) #15

Alright SeaCigar, you will be the new landscape artist and if we need, since you say you can, an extra 3D artist when the time needs.

So, mainman, you can model and set up armature skeletons very well? If you would like, you can join as a 3D artist/armature skeleton-maker person (lol).

Well to mainman and all others interested, we will wait (patiently i hope) for SD to finish atleast a first section of the story so script writers (including me) can get to work determining how everything could and will be said better, and everyone else will find out what happens in the beginning to know what scenary type things to start making in 3D…[/quote]

(ineedanewbi) #16

while we’re waiting, hopefully not too long, cuz that delayes everyone elses jobs, i want to actually see some good work from joining members to see what they are best at, this will determine what they will do.

i can see that mainman is pretty decent at characters and armatures. you can model characters when u get concept drawings from SD

so SeaCigar, hiachi, anyone else whos interested, can i see some of your best work?

and if you wanna see my best work its here at
u cant download the game, server is down

please hurry with the story line, im semi-rude, but where do u get in life if you dont tell ppl what u want (sorry). the story line doesnt have to have that much detail SD if your reading this.

(saluk) #17

Just want to say that I don’t think you’re rude ineedanewbike :slight_smile:

By the way team Dreamation, if you ever need a python script, I’ll try and make it if it’s not too complicated. Most simple python scripts I should be able to write, on a case by case basis, and you can freely use any python scripts that either I publish, or you rip out of one of my games.

Don’t have the time to “officially” be part of the team, and go to the meetings etc, but if you ever need anything just ask.

(mainman) #18

you can join as a 3D artist/armature skeleton-maker person

hmmm…yeess…I think I can put that on my resume:
"I worked for Dreamation for a while as a “3D artist/armature skeleton-maker-person…”

well, anywayz…since we’re not doing anything right now…where is everybody located? I live over here in the Netherlands, Eindhoven to be exact…anyone else from the Netherlands?[/quote]

(SeaCigar) #19

Alright, newbike. I’ll send you my game I mentioned earlier.

If you were wondering, I wanted to make dynamic levels, and my game should suggest that.

Note that X-Warrior gave me the unworking version of the level (no offense, X.), and I programmed the character and obstacles into a working format, suggesting that I can take your concepts in level design and turn them into a workable format. I also have my own ideas, but I’ll want your confirmation on what the levels/scenes should look like. (for example, said characters go through said forest/city/cave/etc.)

I don’t have a website yet, so I’ll need an email address to send it to you.

(ineedanewbi) #20

my email address is [email protected]
if u have msn messanger just add me and u can send it to me that way unless the game is small enough to put on attachments

i live in winnipeg, manitoba, canada.

the level designs/ideas should come from the story SD (Spyder Dragon) is writing. Obviously we cant start making levels until the story is done. and of course it has to fit in with the story too.

we will split up the story into levels and each protion of the story will determine what the level is like/about… forests, deserts, mountains… whatever.

-SD(spyder dragon) is doing story/concept drawings
-mainman can most of the characters, i or others might do a few if they want.
-hiachi, Seacigar,and me should split up the levels. a few levels each
-and we’ll determine who will do bricklogic and python later.

um,… SD (spyder dragon)?, hiachi??.. so can we get a progress report on how the story and concept drawings are going?? -thanks