Again, very nice!

Care to give some details about which render engine, any post processing and if so, which program? Any nodes used?

One thing about her right leg (the bare one), it looks like she’s missing the leg below the knee. Should there be some dark sock or something? I can’t see it anyway.

Blender and Photoshop…- I’dont’ like - rather I hate - to trick with nodes - I think not good way to improve a production and of course Blender.-- If you see better there are some details of her boots among her feet…

Thats a good point, what did happed to her legs?

she has bended, maybe ?.. - You are not funny (theANIMAL) - Do better If you can…

Paraplegic fairies are a serious problem in the world, vastly miss-understood, nothing to joke about.

Great Work!

Hey, is that a poser model ?

nah… just kidding ;).

Great work, maybe the pose is a little awkward but still I like it. keep em coming !

I prefer the “Dark Female Assassin” but this is very good also… and I do see the boot and it details :yes:

Yes, on my home monitor I see the boot too. I think I have too dark gamma at work.

I beg to differ. GO MR ANIMAL GO!!!

I see the boot too, but why is it pink where the skin meets the boot? Looking again, i think i would just make it a more pale shade of pink to blend in more with the skin. I couldn’t make this pic tho, so props for makin it look awesome. how’d you do the wings?

Very nice modeling and lighting. The design looks very cool.
Crit would be that the boot doesn’t show on my monitor. The boot could light up a bit more maybe.

What happened to her leg?

Looks like you have changed your structure of your site or something, hereit is anyway. Atleast I think it is this one, it has a fairie and a little weird leg :stuck_out_tongue:

Very good work!

You know, amputees are very poorly represented in 3D art. I’m glad they finally have a voice.:stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, great pic! I also like the Dark Female Assassin better, but just because she looks tougher.

I don’t see anything…

For the benefit of everyone, this must have been a revised version he made.

I cant seem to be able to see the image in the first post.

I cant seem to be able to see the image in the first post.

me too …

Quote:I cant seem to be able to see the image in the first post.

me too …

i meen me too