I’m creating an animation for my senior project. It’ll be finished by december, it’s coming along with the help of everyone on these forums, much thnx. So far I haven’t got to any keyframing or anything yet. But I just finished my light rig. The characters are all rigged up and ready to animate. Final animation will be about 2 minutes long and will tell a short story (which for the most part will consist of a chase sequence between the 2 chars).

All criticisms are welcome. This will make for my third complete animation once I get done. Here’s one I did in the past if interested: http://youtube.com/watch?v=lWLFCH73gp4 I’ve learned a lot since then tho, I’m hoping to step up my game with this new one.

Here’s some screenshots:



And a test render that 180’s the dragonfly: http://youtube.com/watch?v=4TEt6lO86dI

I’ve managed to completely avoid using raytracing on this one, since I had a pretty ambitious deadline for getting the thing done and rendered (atleast for me it was aambitious). I used a node setup to aid in rigging the lights, which really helped in working efficiently so far. Render times aren’t too bad this way, HD renderings are only taking about 2 minutes a piece with 8 OSA (and my computer is somewhat old: 2Ghz 512MB of ram). The main thing slowing it down is all the hair particles on the fly.

woa! that first animation was awsome (and funny ;)) and your new animation is going to be better and your new characters look almost photoreal! this new animation is going to be simply brilliant.

hey thnx! It’s coming along. We’ll see I can live up to that statement :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i hope you do live up to the statment, this animation has potential (and alot of it)

Great characters! I’m anxious to see the final product.