Dreamed library

This is my entry for the Architecture Contest.
I am working with Blender for 8 mouths from now and I have never done architecture design (and never worked with other 3D softwear before), so i was very pleased with the result, especially when it took me so many hours to render it.

This is a dream library. It is 1.5 m under the ground so you can see the grass from the windows and the light will be so soft and 3 m up from the ground. It has a lake near by and a big forest. It is linked with the house by a tunnel which is behind the fireplace. May be i will do it all someday.

Render – Cycles. Postpro – Compositer and Photoshop. 1500 – 2000 samples (for the different renders). I also want to make the carpets with particles and to have a grass outside, and to render all of this, but my PC can’t make it. I even work with my CPU, because the GPU is old. After render all i saw many things that i want to change, but it took me almost 24h to render all, and for the moment i don’t have the wish to do it again.

All the models are made by me except the books on the tables and the floor ( well one is mine, but the rest are from Adnrew Price). The textures are taken from the net from different sources.

I hope its not so bad. Any comments are welcome.

Be happy,

P.S. Here is the B/W verssion.