Dreaming Moon - Toon Character

I’ve been banging out my webcomic as fast as I can.
Dreaming Moon
But it’s been taking me a while to get a page done, usually about a week or two. So I wanted to try and incorporate some 3d into it to try and speed things up and hopefully make it look more consistent.

This is a test by modifying a model from this talented chap…

and added some things of my own thrown on.

I’m trying to make it look as 2D as possible, I think it’s not too bad but not 100% with the lines yet. Anyway please let me know what you think.


I think it’s looking great since your going for 2D. The look’s good for 2D, yet it still gives that depth and interest as it would in 3D.
Great work, keep it up!

many thanks!

Would you be willing to share your node tree / lighting setup / camera settings — whatever wizardry you used to achieve this 2D-look?

I think it looks great :blue_heart:

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Ooooh, I like the style. Is it eevee or cycles?

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hi, it’s eevee

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That’s the material set up, really simple!

just make sure you have the lamp set to sun and turn the shadow off, you can adjust the shadows with the slider. The free style lines need a bit of playing around with, i’m not 100% happy with them but it’s basically just messing around with the thickness and adding noise

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