Dreaming of Space (short film)

Hi all! I made another short film. This one’s about dreams, games, and (of course) special effects. Check it out!


All the CGI and most of the compositing was done in Blender, and I used After Effects for a few minor things just to see how it works.

What do you think?

Pretty good. I like the special effects and I guess the sets took some time to build. The spaceship controls look better than some I’ve seen in movies.
For some reason it reminded me of Red Dwarf, an old British sci-fi TV series. it could be because of the female computer.

Thanks! I have never heard of Red Dwarf–I’m not that knowledgeable about TV shows.

Hey ! Nice video, I liked the whole idea about the dream paradox thingy :wink: ! hope to see more of these short films…