Dreaming prissioner


That’s a nice way to use Blender, although I don’t feel I can make any critic, cause it looks like a very personal work.

But that render seems pretty nice anyway.

Yeah, I like it to use 3D for 2D (or 2D for/in 3D).

Nice work!

wow, very nice. i’ll spend some time reading into it a bit later, but thats fantastic.

One of the best pieces I have seen done with Blender. Excellent work.


Thats some good work :smiley:


The colours in this are incredible! They seem to jump out of the screen. Amazing work. :smiley:

Very good :slight_smile:

If you could repeat that in physical space then your work would be hanging in galleries in no time.

WOW! i really like this. the only part i dont like, is the chekerboard, with the erd square, its too stereotypical for me, but it looks reallygood overall.

I just wanted to say thankyou for coments. I’m realy happy that you like it.

na you should like it even when nobody likes it.

but as mentioned smart move ot use 3d for 2d.

i love thse images where artist cloned old oil paintings with 3d.


Wow, this is a wonderful work of ART!

This is very inspiring Bone. Thanks for sharing it. I’d be interested to know what influenced you.