I just realized I never posted this image for feedback, it was my entry for the dreamland competition on blenderguru a while back. At the time I was very happy with the result, I stil am but I think I should have put more effort into working with the colors in the image. Also I should have used some higher resolution texture on the floor that came really close to the camera. Enjoy!

I really like this! I feel the glow from the wardrobe is not perfect…maybe the glow could be brighter on surrounding edges/ objects and spread further: OR it could be a smaller concentrated ‘ball’ at the bottom of the wardrobe, I.e as though its coming from a more directed point inside the wardrobe. At the mo, its light is maybe just bit too linear from top to bottom (imho) maybe iust needs to go the way suggested slightly/ somewhere in between.
But basically, I think the current area glow intensity doesn’t match the light intensity… maybe…not sure?

Also, maybe the texture resolution is not the issue, but the boards are quite uniform in texture and alignment. Bit more dirt, deform, dust, here and there over the boards is major thing holding it back the most for me…

But overall, I LOVE IT:D really good composition, style, like the colours and idea too!

thank you jim! over all the floor doesnt have the same quality as the rest of the image i think. hum, didnt think much about the ray lenght comming from the closet, but maybe you are right, it does not match the intensity, thanks for your input!

Very Cool!

Rookie Suggestions -
I think a vignette would add a bit. Maybe a bit too crisp and some film grain or lens distortion might grunge it up a touch.

Also some indication of whether it’s opening or closing would be interesting - is someone disappearing into it - or is something about to come out. Not necessary but might help tell the story a bit.

hi, thanks for your feedback!