"Dreams Come True" - K-pop music video

Hi all,
Sharing our latest music video in K-pop “Dreams Come True” that include a popular new dance by Aespa. Using both Blender 3.0 and Shotcut to edit this video as usual.
On the 3D front, my first attempt to incorporate / setup 2 cities (a Hi-Fi city and Manhattan NY city) in night scene (texturing and some structural change) joined togehter via a long tunnel (under a mountain range) and a bridge.
Also my first attempt to “fine tune a 2 min. dance motion” using Colab autotrace tool and manual smoothing/pose adjustment using Blender 3.0 latest features.

Any feedback is welcome … thanks.

A few screen shots for feedback …
Harbour views, tunnel and 1 of the 2 key 3D stages used in this video.