Dreams Fly

Hi everyone! :wink:
Yesterday finished this image.

  • Blender and Yafaray
  • Without AO, I used 2 suns
  • render 6 hours


The dream of flying a caterpillar… (Caterpillar - I think it is the name :eyebrowlift: In Brazil it is Lagarta)

well done… but the caterpillar looks gummy… =3 its still nice tho. and is the string a soft body?

great work you have got there …:heart:_​:heart:

Thanks… :wink: Not perfect I know, but not bad at all… :wink:

Hahahaha I like it! :smiley:

now tht cool…u got a good chromatic sense, visible in all ur works…keep it up!

great work , maybe you should increase the Lagarta’s specularity for it to become more wet :slight_smile: .

it can’t help to wait for metamorphosis huh?

Lol, great concept, great modeling, great peice. The only crit i can see is that the catapiller looks a bit (well, quite a lot) like plastic. The object filling the wings looks a bit to stiff as well (i assume that its meant to be hessian, from the material, but it looks a bit like cardboard because of the edges)

henriquefz, 3 words for you:
Darn good image :wink:

You could use some SSSing. Phong shading with reflection for the eyes. Softer shadowing also. Try fake Global Illumination.

Cute, very nicely done :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments and tips.

I will make a “update”… :wink:

lol…very nice.