So, first post, and it’s a bit unusual for this forum, but I wanted to share how I use Blender in my art workflow. The backround in this shot is entirely Blender render with only a few tweaks here and there in post (the sharp creases on the pillow for example).

Blender has become a staple for me, especially in my comic work, as it allows me to create and establish scenes that can be easily tweaked and manipulated to get exactly the look I want; making changes is as simple as moving a light source, modifying a texture, etc. and then rerendering. Freestyle also saves me a ton of time by allowing me to produce inks for the scene without having to hand-draw every line, and with a lot of trial and error I’ve managed to produce results that blend very well with my own inking style.

Once I’ve got the scene set up, I render out two versions—colors and inks—and inject it into my art software (Clip Studio Paint) and run it through a series of passes: one pass produces the watercolor textures on the colors; another pass produces the hatchwork shading; and the last pass cleans up the inks. The last step is to do the inks themselves and lay them into the render with masking.

Unfortunately for this piece I don’t have in-progress shots but if there’s interest I may post a step-by-step in future.