Dreamscape/Fantasy project

Hey people. I’ve been away again for a time, and my computer is dying slowly lol. It’s good to be back recently and have a look at all of your projects. Since I had a few days I’ve been inspired to complete a somewhat easy project. I’m already about 65-70% done with this one. Most of what is left is just modifying what I’ve done already. I’m not really happy with the foggyness, and want to improve it. Please click to make links larger and let me know what you think.

I’m using Makehuman for the female, 22 years old. In this first shot she is in the background. I want 3-5 images from different views for this one. I want to add some interesting clothing as well. Everything else besides the female was done by me in Blender.

This is a kind of Banyan tree. I know I need some texturing work done on the tree still. I really liked how the aerial roots came out so far. Feedback appreciated. The second picture is just the boat, mostly done with it I think.


Here’s an update. I’ve got a new computer, and I’m very happy to put it to the test. I can now see how to do texturing better, and I can take on bigger projects without my computer starting to smoke. lol. I decided to add a couple more pieces to this one.

I don’t know if any of you have seen a movie that inspired this next piece. The movie is called something to the effect of, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring. It has been years since I saw it but that little temple built atop a dock that sails through a lake…that’s a very magical thing. So here is a little temple inspired from that film. Feedback is appreciated.

An update-Here’s a closer render so textures can be more easily seen. I’m looking for better references for the roof support structure, it’s very interesting…the method used for similar buildings. Anyway, I encourage everyone to click for a larger view. Thanks.

Hey, Frobenius, somehow I missed your thread until lately. I like the idea of creating a fantasy style project. It is situated in an eastern environment, I think. The building looks like that and such trees are also an eastern species, I guess.

I like the mood of the first image and I smiled when I saw the decal on the bark. The boat is well done although I think the planks should be visible on the inner side also.

The building is also nice. Is this completely modelled including the window grills? That was plenty of work. It’s not easy to find reference images for the support structure of the roof. I googled for them but hardly found anything. The only one I found was this :

Edit: another on with some details.

looks super cool so far.

Hey guys! Woooo. Thanks so much for the comments. Minoribus, the boat is still unfinished, but close. I might change the paint color. It is an eastern kind of scene. Most everything is modeled on the temple, including the grills. It’s still under 70,000 verts for everything, but I have not done the other side yet. I love texturing this building, so much so that I have tried a few textures for the wood. I’d really like the feedback to decide which theme. I kind of like the original, old and beaten down look that I liked so much in the movie I mentioned. And thanks for the references. I found after searching and searching, that what I was looking for are called dougong, or tou gong. they’re kind of a layered, bracketed system that looks really cool, but apparently might not be used in such a building as this.

Modron, thanks. I’m really excited about this one. Here are a few renders with some different textures. Please let me know what you think.

Good to see you back working on a new project Frobenius! It’s always fun to break in a new computer…what kind of graphics card did you go with?

Both the building and boat are really taking shape. I do agree with Minoribus, that the planks should be visible on the inside. The tree is looking very cool, seems like the fog might be too thick possibly.

I like the roof material from the first image. It gives it more of a an aged feel instead of being brand new. With how the tree and boat feel, the first image of the building works better.

Yes, Harley, it’s good to be blending.Actually, this computer I just got has a i7-4770 processor, which, coming from a older laptop, is like using a gpu, haha. I plan to upgrade when I’m able to financially, but for now it’s blazing on cpu. I just can’t justify it as a poor student,lol. And let me tell you the difference that’s made with a 23" monitor, whereas before I was just using the 15". Crazy different, and it showed me a lot of places to improve in my projects.

And thanks for the suggestions. I don’t plan on having the boat interior visible in any shot, at least not nearby.I’m putting an awful lot of time in, though, not to be able to reuse the boat for something else, so maybe I should just fix it. Thoughts on wood colors? the longer I look at it, the less I like the original texturing.

Regarding the fog. It is pretty thick, and now that the new computer is up, I can try a better method.

Hey-update. Sorry sarends, I did not see your comment before.I kind of feel that way, too. If you were talking about the very first picture with the orangish roof, I changed the shape because it wasn’t something I saw in reference pics so much. Anyway, here’s an updated render. Almost done. Just more detail work with adding things to the temple and putting hardware on the doors. The writing is Chinese I pulled off of the internet and redid it myself in gimp, and hope it’s correct. The little stump is a nice seat for someone, haha.

I like the last house. The dominating color is grey and it depends on what you want to depict, if that will fit. The second one in #6 is my favourite among the versions which you presented. It has a little bit more warmer tones. I like the little painting details that you added here and there in the textures :slight_smile:

Hey Minoribus, thanks. I like the last house because it seems less repetitive than the original color, which did seem more real. For something else, I would use the warmer tones. But this project I want to come out…I don’t want to say scary, but I want it to come out like something out of a dream. I want it to be nonsensical like a dream, but not perturbing. I want to place water in the scene and take out most of the fog. I think I will make the tree more wild looking, but I really want to keep that monster on the tree. And apologies if someone is offended by me mixing cultures. I’m aware of it, but since textures are limited, then I’m kind of forced into mixing separate cultures of Asia. It’s not meant to lessen the importance of any culture, or make it seem like I am grouping everything together.

I hope to have an update by Friday.

An update, blender playas lol.

I worked for a bit trying to get a more spooky atmosphere, but I couldn’t do it as of yet. Just adding an environment now. Let me know what you think. It’s still pretty rough.

update-mountains. still working with the grass.

The building is looking good… this is just a real personal opinion, but to me, the platform edges I think could use something else. But again maybe your trying to go real stylized on this project.

you and me both, Harley-I’m trying to decide what to go with there. Posts would obscure too much. But as it is, it’s just wrong.

I have a couple models now, but I want to wait to position them until most everything else is done. I still need handles for the doors. I want to add some more things for decoration. then I’m sure what I want to do with the models will take a long time, as I can’t get any rotation with the rotation tool for rigging, and I still havn’t found a solution. this will likely turn into split scenes. One day and one night. Lastly, I think I want to try to run something through the smoke/fire sim, because I think that would come out better than just a texture. It’s just for a small idea that will likely be done last. thanks btw

It’s always fascinating when a whole scene, or should I say a whole world world is created. You mentioned that the scene should look spooky. I’m curious what you are thinking of to make it more spooky. Woods? Fog? Anything that limits the view depth?

The house is looking good and the platform integrated well in this scene. But as Harleynut mentioned, everything looks pretty and neat. Some more chaos could help to create something spooky. Just thinking loud :slight_smile:

Thanks Minoribus for the comment. Yeah, I originally wanted to put the whole scene in a dark, mysterious kind of setting, with that tree looming over it all, but after trying to situate stuff that way, I couln’t get it to look right, not yet. So this is the flip side. A brighter render. I guess that means there will be multiple renders day and night. With the night being more somber, or spooky. How to accomplish that? That’s what I’m testing. But for the day, I have a decent ideal of how I want to do that. And currently I’m fine tuning the mountains, as their trees are much too large as it is. adding some stones too. :slight_smile:

update. Grass is now closer to what I wanted. Changed the water color. Worked at the mountain particle system. Made the shot a little tighter. Added simple doorknobs. went back to a warmer tone for the temple texture (Minoribus, as you mentioned earlier). I will still do a night shot that will be different, what I originally wanted. But for the day shot I have what I think is a cool idea, if I can pull it off. Also, the particle system is doing wonderfully. I can finally do what I want to do in these projects without it becoming unworkable due to size. Also, I did not forget about the platform, it looks terrible and plain and out of place. Colors I think are better now, too, for the daytime shot, though exaggerated.

Tweaked the particle system, added a mist pass, updated the grass, added a cloud, which I’m not sure works or not. I tried this with the smoke sim but I didn’t get anything satisfying out of that. I don’t think this cloud really matches the style, but I’m not sure. anyway, next renders should include models, which should be positioned in final places. 85% done I think.