dreamweaver problem

I know this isnt exactly the place to post this but i dont know of any webmaster forums so my problem is in dreamweaver when i apply a link to a text it completly distorts the rest of the webpage kinda like if you take and shuffle a puzzle around. thats what happens.

im using dreamweaver cs4 and im making a template in photoshop then slicing it up then saving it as a html file then importing that into dreamweaver, however ive never had this problem before.

(Not the best place but I assume this is a website for your game) How much html do you know? If you open up the webpage in a text editor then look for the place where you want your link then type <a href=“either: http://www.yourlinklocation.com or nameofwebpage.html”> put text you want to display for link here</a> then save. Hope that helps.

well i can get a link its just when i do put a link for some reason it distorts the whole page.

You might want to just install Wordpress or Zen.

Then you will not need to re-invent the wheel every time you need to post new content, or manage your site.

Posting is as easy as using this forum.

Html is nice to learn though… Give Kompozer a try, you can fix dream weaver pages fairly simple. Just right click on the element, and select Properties. Then look in the alignment opptions.

If you want to nail something in place you can simply make a table with the table editor, or spend the next 3 weeks learning the finer points of CSS and manually add it in.

ya you right it would be easier and also the problem ive bin having for some reason happens just inside dreamweaver but the actuall html file is just fine. Who knows why but ya im installing joomla right now. im not sure if wordpress will work with my host but i will look at zen.

ok so i got wordpress up and running. thanks for your help guys