Dreamworks Animation; LibEE: Multi-threaded Dependency Graph for Animation.

Saw Ton mention this on Twitter.

Sadly the link to the ‘preview video’ doesn’t work, but hopefully it will be useful for the dependency graph revision that ‘was’ planned for Mango, but now is taking place in the future.


LibEE: A Multithreaded Dependency Graph for Character Animation

This paper presents a new dependency graph evaluation engine called LibEE for our next generation in-house animation tool. LibEE is designed from the ground up to be very heavily multithreaded, and is thus able to deliver extremely high performance to animators. The paper discusses the motivations, design choices and implementation of the graph engine itself, and production adoption considerations.
Martin Watt,
Lawrence D. Cutler,
Alex Powell,
Michael Hutchinson,
Kevin Ochs
(DreamWorks Animation, United States)

Wow, they’re just open sourcing all kinds of stuff today, aren’t they?

We might be getting their old stuff… from what I hear, they are in the process of completely revamping their pipeline. I don’t know anything about the underlying software but I can tell you that Dreamworks had the most complicated tools I have ever used. As an artist, those tools made life hell. I’m sure they are great for TDs and programmers.

Missed the part where it says it’s going to be open source…

IF it is open source ( and no license issues etc.), would it be possible to integrate it?
I mean how difficult would it be? I thought the depgraph was so heavily a part of the code it would take short of a new 2.49 -> 2.5 cycle to get it fixed…

I look forward to a new depgraph as many has told me that this is one of the main limitations to expand the node system of blender :slight_smile:

I don’t think it is software / code, but just a paper on the design principals and things like that. Ton mentioned it on Twitter, so I figured it may be of some use to developers.

We’ll just have to wait and see after SIGGRAPH on whether or not this is even something that is usable for the Foundation.

dep graph is behind many bugs also, like mesh not updating when switching from T_pose to pose mode, until you go into edit mesh and out etc.

I have hopes this LibEE is so flexible it could just be used and register all the data blender needs and it magically just works, fast… realistically ? next GSoC maybe someone could implement it.