Dreamy Car Render

i promise this is the last time ill post this car… :stuck_out_tongue: rendered with blender and some post pro for the glow and the lense flares


OoooOOOh Sparkles

ooOOOooooo, its shiny :smiley: The sparkles are great :smiley: And the rims kick monkey butt, but the cars materials are kind of funky. They are a little to wavy.

woohoo, just out of the car-wash, ain’t it?

i’d hate to be the guy who put the wax on that ride! Love it!

that’s really nice - might you post your material settings here? I also got a car … but untextured. ;/


Thanx all.!!!

Ataryu: as for the wavy reflections…the pic i used for the ang map and reflections was pretty busy… im sure if u did any research on hdri you have seen it… the roman courtyard looking one??

chris123: ill try to get a blend file up sometime today with the material i used…really the key is in getting a good environment for the material to reflect and decent lighting setup…

overall thanx again for the comments…

Holy sh*t!

Tell me were did you usually wash your car!!

Stunning work! :smiley:

A litle bit too shiny and a background would be great.


Heh. Nice render for the internal renderer. Good job. I like it. The lens flares are a bit misplaced for the lighting, but they’re nice anyway.

hehe…thanks well… Ill wait unpatiently. :wink:


The only thing that immediately stikes me is the window glass. Everything else looks so good that the window glass kind of stands out in a not good way. As other’s have said, the wheels are incredible.

very nice. Have you thought up a name? Btw the lens flare could easely be done with some halos.

ok here is the blend with the paint material just applied to a sphere and a simple background


Very nice! I like the sparkling new, waxed look.

But I have some suggestions:

  • There’s no rear-view mirrors, or windshield wipers
  • The side window doesn’t seem like it belongs there, way too dark
  • A minor thing, but: on the front wheel, you can see through to the ground, which means its missing the wheel-drum, and the drum-brakes (or they are way too small)
  • On the front of the car, there are some points which seem too “sharp”, judging by the reflections. Probably some minor problem in the mesh (stray vertices, or vertices too close together).

veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice dude. i must model a car soon.

I changed your material a litle bit. I just set the spec to 0 and I added a angular map for a good reflection. I didnt thought it up myself but it is antiggos method. I like it very much, what do you think?


Download the .blend here

That car is beyond nice. I like the shine…kind of makes me think of “Funkmaster Flex” :slight_smile:
Toyota supra, right? What did you construct it from? I doubt it was a cube, NURBS perhaps?

car actually started out as a plane…i do each panel seperatly

Blendfreak: i did use an ang map in the actual render for the car, but for file size purposes with the material blend i just used procedurals

Timmah_45 yes it is supposed to be a toyota supra…just gave it a twist :wink:

If its not too much to ask, can u email me and give me some pointers as to making better cars? I mean, wheels and textures are easy enough, but I mean working with the main surfaces and such. I can never make them smooth at all.

my email is [email protected]

woh. I have never done a car before.