Dreamy Cottage

this is my last project, i got inspired when i see a wallpaper on internet.
All Critiques are welcome, let me know your feelin’ :slight_smile:
Hope you like it

Awesome! :slight_smile:

i think the roof is a bit weird but overall ,nice work!!!

The sun flare in the tree on the right. Putting the sun in that position indicates the sun is behind the house, but all the shadows indicate the sun is shining on the front of the house. The roofs need a lot of work, unless your intention is that dreamy means abandoned and decrepit. Even so, there is green light shining through the low extensions roof, and anomalous roof thatch shadows on the back second floor wall. There is also a large brown rectangle near the main chimney that seems to have no purpose in the image. The overly straight tree trunk behind the cottage to the left, tangent to the roof corner, seems to be attached to the roof rather than behind it. The stone texture on the fence posts and trellis structure in front of the cottage is odd. It might work for the posts, especially with the heavy ivy/moss cover, but is out of place on the fence rails and the trellis structure. The ivy growing on the second floor wall in back, tangent to the forest, makes the wall appear to have been broken and fallen away.

The reason I’m going into such detail is that I really do like the composition and texturing in your image. It’s really a very nice piece, but the many minor flaws keep it from being top rate.

Oh gosh, i dont even think about it, Thank you so much. Your critique make my day :). The roof is the worse part cause i have no idea how to make it right ( I’m still trying to achieve it ). It’s not until i rendered the picture that i realised some broken detail of the scene (and i ignore it). It take too long to render ( 7hrs to render with just 30 samples :slight_smile: ) i will try to fix my scene and looking forward to your advice