Dress Cloth physics

I’m hoping this has a simple solution, but i’m trying to create a simulation where there is a girl skipping, and i want the bottle half of her dress to act like cloth. My problem is the dress keeps flipping up like it’s some sort of hentai. Is there a way to make it act heavier? I’ve played with all of the settings upped the bending really high, the mass, the structural. Each setting setting either makes the animation worse or better, but never makes the cloth act heavier.

Something else weird I find is I downloaded a sample blend from blendswap in order to see if an example to play with would help. It comes prebaked using 2.64, and when I run it in 2.74 and 2.75 it runs like it should. But when I release the bake and rebake it, it starts falling through the character. I even changed the time line to 0 to see if that was the issue and nothing. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.