Drew's Vector Sketch Book:*UPDATE_ New Logo, pg 3* Logo Design, General Art

Hey everybody, been getting into programs like Inkscape recently, and this is where Ill post all of my work. I do plenty of toony stuff and the like, logo design, wutever(learning web layout design)

Im always up for a job, so if you need help with anything, feel free to pm me(and if its a volunteer thing, youll really need to convince me :wink: )

Here are a few

  1. A little qoute of mine…
  2. A little tiny Icon: Gremlin

3 A little Toon Pic, A character called Midge-Bot

Any Critiques are welcome, comments and opinions as well.
And again, Im always open for jobs.


Great work mayn…and i see ur gettin a head start…HIRE MY HOMIE PPL!

Thanks man, glad you like.

Hey Drew!
Could you do a wave as a logo? I would be very gratefull :slight_smile:

Whats it for? Go ahead and PM me about it, im sure I could help…

looking very good drew, i like the third one. :smiley:

“A character called Midge-Bot”

Seems to have a typo on his helmet!

@pxegeek: Gah! He Does!..
So hes grammaticaly challenged, give him a break, hes a prototype :wink:
@lua: Thanks man, I like him to…

Alrighty, heres a little scene for fun. pretty simple.

any comments welcome!

coooooooool…nice one mayn…i especially like your small logo on the bottom rght corner…L0L!

thanks trak

Ok, Been trying to come up with a good logo, this is what I have so far…
A tad small(it is a logo), if you want, let me know, I’ll blow it up a bit…

any C&C welcome, thanks
PS, Those are my initials, BTW(just noticed how little sense it makes without that info…)

oh yeah, still looking for work…

oh mayn!!!So ghetto mayn…can u make me one please…

ha, sure I will…give me a couple days :slight_smile:

Really…:eek: …awesome mayn!!!:cool: TW iight…:rolleyes: …pm me when its done …thanks mayn i owe you one…:slight_smile: .

ha, no problem, Im game for anything right now…

@Trak: Still working on your logo, should be done soon

@Everybody: I added a little piece of art to the beginning of the Music Thread(in off Topic), feel free to check it out.

iight mayn…thanks again for da logo!

nice, you’ve got a great style.