Drift track scene

GD everyone. After visiting illegal races, I decided to create the same scene where few cars chasing each other. But, at final render, I was confused as usual with a question - how to make a smooth transition from the ground to the sky? I also need help with water and tyre smoke. Water reflects the sun strangely and as you can see there no tyre smoke. But I guess even this work looks great.


Hey Temirlan, welcome to the Forum!
This Scene looks really cool! Brings up old Gran Tourismo Memorys.

I really don´t have any idea what happened to your water. What Kind of material are you using? Maybe the normals are messed up??

But with the transition between sky and water, I think a volume could help. Maybe just add a big volume scattering cube over the entire Scene. This will also add some cool light streaks. You could also add some simple mountains in the backround using ant landscapes. This would break the line up a bit.

Also, I think for a final render, you need to do smaller segments for the road and for the guardrail. The segments are really visible.

@Pollin125, Theres’s no texture of water at all. It’s a material.

Honestly, I just didn’t know how to make good & still water so I had to do it with nodes)

nice work !!!

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I´m sorry to respond so short, but how about you take a look at this tutorial if you want to, maybe it helps you.

I think it will eat enough of memory in my case. In fact, I had to scale the ocean to hide the horizon line. But thanks for the guide, I’ll try to use it somewhere.