A work in progress done in about 3 days. I am still fairly inexperienced, but would love some feed backhttp://photos-a.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs108.snc1/5070_1149657990677_1504424535_30391200_3028584_n.jpg

Hey that looks really good, how did you do the water is it all fluid sim? I would suggest texturing the road though, but other than that keep it up, and welcome to BA! :slight_smile:

thanks. For the water I am using a hand full of textures that are being maped to the nor. I my self dont have all that much rendering power at the moment, only 990MHz PPC so this sean is getting close to pushing it. I am hoping over the next 6 months to have a 4 min. animation that is similar to something that i have done in the mast with stop motion.


Ya, that water looks really good. Maybe make tutorial?

Keep it up.

Wow! Really cool water! Fluid sim.? Amd maybe change your car little bit, doesn’t look really realistic, because I haven’t seen cars like that;p Good luck!


Great work. Is that the Essential Blender bridge?

it seams really similar to my first bridge I made following “the essential blender”, so I would say “yes” :wink:

Yes, it is from the EB… LOL… I love the water, you should make a tutorial! I agree with texturing the road. I would also make the nearest hill more bumpy, it is looking a little flat… Great work, though!!!

thanks for all the comments. The water is not a sim! It is made entirely from textures, and the bridge for the most part is from the EB book but made by myself. the car is a Ford-GT but I found out that its a hard car to model. i think i will swap it out for a Shelby mustang that I have been working on.

okay, maybe the models need some work but they still look good for someone that’s inexperienced. But I must say that the lighting and the water is top notch, really, I actually wonder if I could’ve done it better myself. : )

keep it up!