drifting texture problem on moving object

I’ve got a problem with a relatively small dot like texture (procedural); when I rotate the object the texture seems to drift on certain parts of the object (when animating). On the attached image I have circled the areas at which the drift occurs. Render and play the first 10 frames of the attached blend file if you want to see more exactly what I mean :eyebrowlift: . I’ve dug into the forums and found a couple of related problems, but none of them gave a solution.
Any help appreciated!!


cube_tex.blend (143 KB)

some procedural textures tend to be not fix, if they are generated each frame.
This could be the case in your blend with the musgrave tex.
If this happens I usually produce a image texture of the procedural one, by just rendering it out on a plane without shading, and map it as UV.
This should help.


Thanks! Indeed that works… It’s strange though that there isn’t any solution for procedurals as this is such a frequently occuring problem… Thanks again.

Actually, you can create UV coordinates for your object, and still use the procedural. Make UVs, then just keep the procedural but set it’s mapping to UV. That also should stabilize it.

Thanks for the reply Harkyman. Unfortunately, UV mapping didn’t help in my case, the problem was the same… Also, I have read in the forums that sometimes it helps to create an empty that’s parented to the object with the texture and choosing the “object” mapping type with the name of the empty in the Ob: field. That also didn’t help in my case… Well, I guess I just have to work around it by using image textures.