I think it’s time to call this finished (although tweaks are still possible!).

way cool. super atmosphere.

Awesome. Very dark, cool feel to it. Great lighting setup.

Keep it up!

Thanks for the comments!:cool:

i like it!

Nice atmosphere, a little more detail would have been nice;)

Awesome Idea and great result!


You made the final changes just right. Welldone, its oozing with atmosphere.

Thanks all!

poke: That may be true, but if you’re referring to the creature, I’ll have you know it’s got almost 800 000 verts!:stuck_out_tongue: It just gets lost in the SSS ;). Ah, well.

TheANIMAL: Thanks, always good to have an opinion from somebody who saw the wip.:cool: (And, ‘oozing with atmosphere’… I like it…)

I honestly expected another car. This is a much fresher idea.
The modeling is very good. The tentacles look naturally swaying, not stiff sticks that looked placed there by an artist =) Some eyes would be nice though. I also like the atmospheric fog you’ve added in to make the lights behind it glow a bit more.
The lighting kinda sucks however, and so does that painting looking effect you’ve put over the top to try to hid it’s simple textures. The idea is nice, and so is the atmospheric fog and modeling, but you killed it with the filter. 3*

Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here. There is no filter. No painting effect. The only post-pro was colour adjustment and blurring (a blurred, saturated copy of the image is placed over the original, at a low opacity).

But thanks for your comments and crits! Your interpretation of the title is pretty funny, I didn’t think of that:p

My first reaction was “awesome node setup, but the creature needs more detail”, but on second look, the individual bumps start to come out more, and I see how the very very subtle details in this piece are actually very masterfully done. As a whole, this work is very intriguing, and you have to wonder if the center of focus is the creature itself, or the ocean surrounding it.

I say 4 and a half stars, but I won’t actually rate the thread because I feel I’m too much of a beginner to put on rate-swaying votes.

Wow, dudewithasock, great thoughtfull reply, thanks. I’m glad you noticed the subtleties. They’re easy to look over, but I think you’d notice the difference if they weren’t there. If I could, I’d post a screen of the octopus (oops! I mean creature) for example (detailed). But I don’t have access to it at the moment.

(A side note: In my opinion, being a beginner doesn’t matter. I say rate stuff what you think it deserves. (And I’m not just saying that because you’d rate this 4.5!;)))