Drill (blender beginning project)

I’m going through the Noob to Pro tutorial for Blender(seehttp://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro/Beginning_Modeling_Final_Project) and am up to the beginning modelling final project stage. My project is a drill, and so far I’ve gotten the drill bit done
In the end it will probably end up being a whole drill, but it will take a while. If you have any feedback/suggestions (especially ones that speed things up) tell me. Thanks!

cool. try adding some color now, and don’t forget raymirror and specularity!

Don’t drill bits usually have more turns on them? Like this:


Render Levels on 6 for Subsurf?

:o That’s… sick.

Though I never use Simple Subdivision, I’m sure the same result can be reached with 2 or 3 (or different modeling).

Never heard about the “set smooth” button?

Welcome to the forums. I’d like to help you with your model, buy I can’t tell anything about the topology. Please post a wireframe render. (Click wireframe in the material buttons.) :smiley:

It has been set smooth

Your drill bit looks fairly nice; a little “rough” in spots.

I made a tutorial on creating a drill bit. (it’s for an older version of Blender, but I believe most/all of it is still applicable).

If you’re interested:


I found that using creasing on the shank end of the drill bit seemed to result in some strange artifacts when rendering, so I used the old trick of just adding an edge loop really close to the edge which you want to sharpen.

Also, I used Olaf’s chrome tutorial for the material - I was looking for a way to tone it down a bit, but didn’t quite achieve the right look yet.

Finally, with regards to the number of “turns” - there all all kinds of drill bits, some have more (I’ve seen some with even less than the usual 2 and a half); some have a different angle, and lots of different materials and finishes depending on the application.

how ironic…this was just the tutorial i was looking for. I had trouble creating realistic twists ealier this afternoon. Another part is my model is of a soda bottle. Though corny as it seems it is only a prop for a portrait. An upcoming art exhibit is coming up with in two months so I best learn to be as detailed as possible.