Drink Beer!

So here is the final version of my beerbottles.
Rendered with Blenders Internal Raytracer.
Rendered in Layers (for Label and Shadows), composite was done in PS (and I enchanced the contrast slightly).

Maybe there are some Austrians arround, perhaps you know that brand (real organic beer).

Let me know what you think!

Jpg costs a bit of quality (original is as .psd or .tga)


Cool! I think the glass rendered really well. The shadows are good, soft but not overly so. The texture on the table could maybe be a wee bit rougher, but definitely very good, over all. The bottle labels are great, too.

You find a better quality sample here:

I tired different Fake-Caustics, as you recommend(in WIP thread), but unfortunaty with no satisfying success, so I skipped that.
Thanks for your comment!

Very good. Only thing, exept from the wood texture, is the wall behin the beers. It has a to big Nor value. And its too shiney. But Very neat. can’t do it myself… :smiley:

You’re quite welcome. :slight_smile: Yeah, caustics are hard to do. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried exporting to other renderers before, but there are some programs that specialize in rendering that can do caustics as a built-in option. The only one I’m familiar with is POV-Ray, but I’m sure there are others.

That is brilliant.

I did some testrenders with yafray, but still have troubles with lighting and bumpmaps.
And if I am using photons, I get horribly long rendertimes (even blenders internal raytracer took nearly 20 h to render the whole pic).

Some tests with indigo went well, but more complex scenes shut down my compu…

But definetly will try povray in future ,too.

This will take its time…