drinking fountain- Genaw

drinking fountain that we are learning to render in class.


some changes in the lighting.


changes in the world, studio box and just a world setting.


Pull the camera back five feet, put the fountain on a “wall,” and turn the lights on. That’s how a real drinking-fountain looks, and it will be much easier for you to judge your model when you’ve done this … even if you subsequently zoom the camera in for “a closer look.”

Incandescent lighting is slightly reddish; fluorescent, slightly green. The shadows beneath a drinking-fountain on a wall are not pronounced and generally do not have sharp boundaries. Your eyes “know” this, and when something is “wrong” about a shot it’s easy to blame it on the model. Which is not what you want to do when evaluating a model, or learning how to model.

still working on it. I still have more tuning with the textures and maybe a little color. and I have too work out my shadows now. but this is the drinking fountains placed in the hallway of our school. what do you think so far???


I can see I still have some work to do on the tile floor as well.


no input? any suggestions? thoughts?

It looks lie they are casting a shadow on the wall above them, but not below them.

Otherwise it is a very good image.

try sliding your tiles on the floor back a little, in real life there is no reason to cut so many in half like that.

other then what Davin mentioned, which is also happening up in the corner with a glare on the wall where the light shouldn’t get, I can’t see any major problems, but I don’t see anything moving the picture beyond a teaching picture yet. still needs some more stuff to really say anything.

good progress for your work. keep it up