Drinking Glass

Well I don’t have much to say other than I am new to 3d modeling. This is My first attempt. I feel that I am not finished with it so I would like everyone to critique it so I can make it better. Sooner or later I am going to add some liquid and maybe a little umbrella.


Not a bad first try. The first noticable thing is that the glass is way too thin, needs to have a thicknes to it. Second thing that struck me was that the base of the glass would not support that top half very well if it were full and on a not so sturdy surface. I would widen it to maybe 3/4 of the top radius.

Also, here is an interesting way to do exactly what you are making, try it out and see what you think. http://www.blender3d.org/documentation/htmlI/x2868.html

Keep on blending… :wink:

well you could start by going in edit ,ode, select all your verticies and then set smooth.

neat idea. I like the curve on the side of the glass, and the thinness at the rim. It looks like you have set-smooth off. Also add a face on the inside near the neck to give it some substance, this will also help it look more transparent. And the base is way too small. You need to join the two meshes. (Don’t forget to remove the internal faces first.)

Thanks for the help guys. I will work on it when I have some free time.

Ok I fixed the bottom and smoothed the outside. I changed the look and feel of it, tell me if it looks better this way. I tried to give it a more modern club kinda feel. I tried to stray away from the old rich people feeling.


You still need to make the glass thicker; the glass looks paper thin right now. Also, try adjusting the material settings a bit, it looks plasticy. Did you make the glass 3 seperate objects? The reflections don’t seem to line up. A normals problem (try CTRL+N to flip normals outside)?

A very nice first try :slight_smile:

Thanks, I am still trying to learn the interface. Right now I am trying to make it look a little bit more glassy. I will post an update pretty soon. Thicking the glass will come soon after.

Ok I messed with it a little more. Tried to make it thicker but it took me to a more elegant look. It started looking better and better the more I went with it so I just kept going. This is the turn out.


very good for your first attempt. i like the shape. just a pointer, youd don’t have to put ur signiture on all of ur work unless u want to. I’d find that very annoying with all the test renders i post here! :wink:

I do that so no one will take it and use it as thier own. Although it isn’t pro or anything. All I have to do with it now is add some accesories. I guess I can start trusting you guys lol. No more sigs on tests.

Here is an update. Tell me what you think. I didn’t add my name to it this time…SO DONT TAKE IT! lol j/k


Definitely more interesting to look at, are the light and dark areas around the top rim just light play in the glass or is there some new normal issues going on? I would say it’s time to try putting it in a scene and giving it a nice render. Maybe a table setting or next to a martini shaker or something?

Can you link me to a Table tutorial? I can’t seem to find one. It needs a backround and a surface like you said. We have an Snow day so I will be home all day.

Never seen a table tutorial before, pretty simple model to make, rectangle cube, or even just a plain depending on your angle and depth of field of your camera. Put a nice wood or other texture on it, any other objects you want on the table and then a nice lighting setup and your done.

Well I made a wood texture in Photoshop and here is how the table top came out. Tell me what you think.