Drinking in Cycles

Started as a test Cycles Renderer, continue like a project :slight_smile:

what the hell? which build are you using? how can you use UV coordinates correctly?
By the way, looks real real!

Damn very nice.
@kiriri I could use correct UV coordinates in the first windows release… no bigi

thnx for comments :}

@kiriri: UV in OS X build is OK too. But I noticed that there are no calculation methods {angle based, conformal} in Tool Shelf for Unwraping. I hope it is only a small bug, not decision.

Or did you ask how to mix two UV images in one material?

Woow, that’s nice! Especially the last one, very realistic :wink:

You can add a UV image over top of the procedural texture you just need a alpha mask for the UV image.

To Download final blend file (for now :slight_smile: ) you can visit BlendSwap

@kiriri: ok, now I know what are you talking about :slight_smile: in another scene a can’t get UV works too. don’t know where problems come from . . .