Drinking set

How does it look?


You double-posted this, please delete one (or if you can’t, could a mod?).
I would advise you to lower the refraction to make the glass more realistic, and perhaps adjust the alpha as well.
Also, are you sure you don’t mean ‘Drinking set’ rather than ‘Dringking set’, and Brandy instead of Brendy?

So sugest something.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by that, I suggested lowering the alpha, and the IOR. You were asking about the glass in the other thread on this, you see. If you want more suggestions, I would reccomend working on the texture of the bottle label, it does not look particularly realistic at the moment IMHO.
Edit: It also appears that the glasses are hovering above the tray, rather than resting on it.
And you are doing well with this scene.

Try increasing the tranparency and decreasing the reflectivity, the glasses look more like stainless steel than glass

lowered alfa reflections, still looks not real. :frowning:


you need to add an enviroment map so the glass has something to reflect.

How to make it lighter?


Add lights.

Maybe put some ‘warm’ (blueish) light from the black, to make everything stand out. If you have low enough energy for the lamp, and switch off shadows for it, it is a simple subtle way to enhance your image.

Do you thing yafray render could make it better?

i think the glasses are too reflective/have too much alpha. take out a set of real glasses, and there’s reflection, but mostly you can just see through it.