dripping with meta balls

I haven’t yet learnt fluids, but here is a drip I made with meta balls.
There’s one meta ball up the spout, and one for the drop. There’s a meta plain in the tub, to receive the drop, and just below the top surface of that meta plain, I laid a mesh plain with a wave modifier attached. It’s all in the timing. I’ve got a small gif animation of it, if anyone wants to see it; it wouldn’t let me upload it here.


Good job for a go at it!!! Its a nice setup, but the fluid sim would be more “practical” and more realistic. It’s never the wrong time to learn new things…so I went ahead and made you a fluid sim setup that you can dissect. Just click the bake button.

The box with a hole in it has nothing to do with the actual simulation…it just makes it look nicer.

Then, the box that is flatter is the actual fluid.

The sphere is the drip.

And the tall box is the domain. The domain is the taller box. It is the area in which the fluid is simulated. The bigger it is, the higher resolution you need for your fluid.

After its done “baking” just hide layer two to get rid of the sphere and box.

Well…good job with the meta setup, and I hope this helps!!!

Here’s the link by the way:
www.badluckbob.com/fluidsim test1.blend



Oh!!! And welcome to the forums!!!

Thank you very much, Chris!


So here is my question for today: How can I tile baked animation so I don’t have that jump between the first and last frames? Thanks so much.


I was thinking; maybe two overlapping sets of fluids would do the trick?