Drive change

(Abavagada) #1

To make space on my C: drive, I moved all my blender files to D: drive. I kept the exact same paths, so the only thing that has changed is the drive name.

Now, however, all the textures won’t appear. Even tho they are all stored without a drive indication [\blender eal.jpg for example], I can’t get them to load unless I put D: in front of the path. Since I have over a hundred loaded textures scattered over numerous files, it will take me a long time to edit them all. Is there some way to designate a default drive in Blender, so I won’t have to change any of the paths?


(S68) #2


In the ‘i’ window there are all the path settings…


(pannomatte) #3

Are you packing your textures? Sounds like no because if they are packed the textures are stored in the blend file, and are no longer accessed from the original location. (Tools = pack data) you will see a little icon apear in the top header.
hope that helps

(Abavagada) #4

First, I didn’t know I could pack the images like that. Thanks!

Second, I found the “I” window with the path names [Fonts. Render. Texture, etc]. They are all listed as :/. When I change the Texture one to D:, however, nothing changes. They still seem to be looking for the textures on C:, yet the files themselves have no drive denotation in their path names.

(harkyman) #5

I have experienced the same problem when I move a blend file from my home system to my work system and vice-versa. If the textures were not packed, unfortuately, I had to relink all of the texture files. Remember, you only have to do it once per material, not once per object.

(Dinklebrow) #6

Don’t know if yours is set up like this (since you indicated that you are using \blender\xxxxx.jpg) but you can try it. Set up your relative paths without using the folder blender. For example, all my textures are in f:\blender exture subfolder in my default path (top of screen) for textures I have it set up as exture . Now if I moved blender to a new drive (which I have had to do a couple of times), your new paths should work. Also as a couple of people have stated that if you pack your textures it will store it in the blend file.
Hope this helps.