drive emission in cycles - is it possible?

hello dear blenderartists,

i can’t get cycles to correctly render a scene where the emission of a few light planes is driven, though animating it with f-curves works. the funny thing is that in the viewport it even plays the animation correctly with “rendered” preview, but when i render, then there’s no effect. i’m using a 2.64.2 build off

am i missing something? is this a cycles bug? or is it impossible to drive cycles properties for some reason?

thanks for any help! here’s the file that i was working on.funky-cubes.blend (187 KB)

1st thing to do is read Posting the same message 5 times (correction 7 times) is really not required, please be more patient.

2nd thing is to use a more recent build.
Attached is the first 100 frames of your blend using blender 2.64 RC2 (unzip it)

I have changed the output format, only use Avi RAW if you really have a reason to do so, it is not intended for a final rendered output. If you don’t know what that reason is, don’t use it. Change to a lossless image sequence (such as .png) not a video format. If blender crashes just as it renders your very last frame (of your 4133 frames) with a video format you would likely lose the whole animation, with an image sequence just re-render the last frame and you’re done.

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i’m terribly sorry, i didn’t mean to spam it, due to various reasons i suspected that my browser wasn’t working right. sorry to have caused inconvenience! i simply didn’t know. thogh if i were a better user, i would have consulted the FAQ first of course…

thank you! that’s exactly the kind of info i was hoping to find. will do so.